Electricity Research Institute – Power Technics, Commemoration Ceremony for Commercialization Line

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소프트2The SiC power semiconductor technology, developed by a team of Korean researchers, has led to commercialization of the company’s commercialization line.
The high efficiency SiC power semiconductor technology that can raise the efficiency of the electric car up to 10% is expected to be born as the core parts manufacturing technology of the electric car instead of staying in the research and development stage.
Korea Electric Research Institute (KERI) and Power Technics (CEO Doha) held a ceremony for the first commercialization of silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors in Pohang, Gyeongsang Province on 19th.
At the ceremony, a group of researchers including Doosan Kim, Vice President Jung Eun-shik and other members of the research team, including Dr. Kim Nam-kyun, head of Korea Electric Power Research Institute,   Power semiconductors are semiconductor devices that convert, process, and control electric power, and are an essential part of high-performance inverters that connect electric vehicles’ batteries and electric motors.
Silicon (Si) power semiconductors, which occupy most of the existing power semiconductors, are reaching its peak in terms of operating temperature, speed and efficiency, and SiC power semiconductors, which are superior in material characteristics, are emerging as the next generation power semiconductors.
Especially, the demand is increasing rapidly in accordance with the times such as the introduction of environment-friendly energy, strengthening of environmental regulations, and the fourth industrial revolution.
In the future, it will be applied not only to electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles but also to AI, robot, Internet (IoT), smart factory, and smart logistics.