Power Technics Co., Ltd. of Pohang, Korea Started mass production of silicon carbide power semiconductor for the first time in Korea

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Power Techics Co., Ltd., located in Pohang, will build and mass-produce the SiC power semiconductor (silicon carbide) production process for the first time in Korea.
SiC power semiconductors relies on imports for more than 90 percent, according to the city’s 15-day plan. Power Techonics Co., Ltd. (CEO: Doha), a domestic company, has been producing SiC power semiconductors for the first time in Korea in the field of Pohang Nano Convergence Technology Institute, which is one of the three leading foreign companies, Wolfspeed, ROHM and Infineon. Beginning is of great significance.

Power semiconductor is a semiconductor that converts, processes, and controls electric power. Existing silicon (Si) based power semiconductor devices are classified into SiC (silicon carbide), GaN Gallium) is emerging as a next-generation power semiconductor.

As power semiconductors have emerged as core components in major industrial fields in the 4th industrial revolution, employment in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, Internet (IoT), smart factory, electric automobile and autonomous drive, It is expected to be
Power semiconductors, one of the key components of electric vehicles, are essential for high-performance inverters that connect batteries and electric motors. In particular, SiC power semiconductors, which are rapidly increasing in demand in the wake of the times, such as the introduction of environmentally friendly energy, strengthening environmental regulations, and the fourth industrial revolution, It is the most promising field with commercialization of electric car and smart car market due to its excellent heat resistance performance. The government also sees SiC (silicon carbide), which is considered to be the most promising for practical use of power semiconductor materials, as a key promising material for the future.