Foundry Service

It provides foundry services for complete product development, including development and research of device-wide process processes, as well as design and custom process development provided by standards or customers.

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Mass product or coordinator for power devices form wafer in to wafer out total solution

Front-end processing
Photolithography resolution down to 0.4 µm feature with 0.1µm alignment accuracy
Trench technology down to 3um depth without micro trench
Thermal oxidation and gate stack processes
Films deposition and etch
High temperature implant
High temperature implant anneal
Backside metal deposition
Ni, Al, Ti/TiN Ag deposition and etch
Semiconductor device and test patterns
Fabrication of test structures
Manufacturing of semiconductor devices
Inline parametric and reliability electrical testing and characterization
6-inch SiC processing capabilities
Class-10 capable cleanroom
Custom development and manufacturing