• March Mutual change 'SK powertech'


  • February Patent No. 10-2217856 Acquisition of a Patent Certificate
  • January Patent No. 10-2201960 Acquisition of a Patent Certificate


  • December Acquired IATF 16949 quality management system certification
  • March Patent No. 10-2094769 Acquisition of a Patent Certificate
    Power semiconductors and their manufacturing methods of P shielded structures implemented by multiple epi growth methods
  • February Patent No. 10-2078579 Acquisition of a Patent Certificate
    Anti-arc devices and probe cards with them


  • September AEC-Q101 Acquiring certification
    IATF-16949[LOC] Acquiring certification
  • July Completed trademark registration (Korea, China, Hong Kong)
  • June Selection of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy's national tasks
    Selection of a company in charge of the materials and components technology development project
  • April Selection of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy's national tasks
    Development of Silicon Carbide MOSFET 1700V for Future Growth Engines and Selection of Participating Companies
    Development of 4500V Silicon Carbide MOSFET for Future Growth Power Projects and Selection of Hosted Companies
  • January MOTIE, Minister of Employment Expansion
  • January Acquiring patents [two cases, silicon carbide semiconductor devices and one other method of manufacturing]


  • December 2018 Technological Innovation CEO Award / KERI
  • August Mutual change 'YES POWERTECHNIX'
  • July Korea's First SiC Power Semiconductor Production Line Celebration Event
  • May Acquired ISO 9001(NO.14737)/ISO 14001(NO.14758) Certification
    Factory Registration Acquisition
    Introduction of High Temperature High Energy Ion Injection Devices
  • March KERI SiC Mospet Element Technology Transfer Agreement
    Certified by the Enterprise Research Institute (Science Technology Information and Communication Ministry)
    Certification (T-4) of excellent technology evaluation companies


  • December Established 'POWERTECHNIX'
  • October SiC SBD SET evaluation and reliability evaluation completed
  • September DHK, Product Dicing
    SP Semiconductor, Product Packaging
    NINT, Priority bidder selection for technology commercialization
  • August P company, Contracted with SiC SBD SET for evaluation and reliability evaluation
    SiC Diode Product Fab-out
    SiC Diode 650V/10A, 20A Product live Demo
  • July KERI, Signed a contract to use ion implanter process equipment