SiC Power Semiconductor

  • Synthesized SiC by Acheson method
  • Sintered SiC - Heating tube
  • Sintered SiC - plate
  • SiC abrasive paper
  • SiC green powder
  • SiC dummy wafers
  • SiC single (semiconductor) wafers for device

Semiconductor Distinguish

Power semiconductors and semiconductor memory comparison

Power semiconductors are vulnerable country's overall competitiveness in memory semiconductors compared to the structure without the absolute leader in the production of many kinds

Division Function and role Market Status
Muscle Power Semiconductor High voltage, And precisely the power needed to control a large current Provide a stable supply of semiconductor
(Ex : Motor Drive)
World Markets about 344Billion$
Diversified production subject
Leading international companies
(World 20My top None Nationality company)
Brain Memory Chip(DRAM) Information into a digital signal Storing semiconductor
(Ex: PC or Smartphone Storage)
World Markets about 1302Billion$
Small species massive production subject
Leading domestic companies
(Samsung, SKHynix 62% occupancy)
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Si vs SiC Compare

[ Si vs SiC Compare properties ]
[ Si FRD vs SiC SBD Switching losses compared ]
Si vs SiC Compare properties table
Division Si SiC Benefit
Band gap[eV] 1.1 3.2 High temperature operation
Maximum junction temperature[℃] 80 200 High temperature operation
Critical electric field[MV/cm] 0.3 3.5 High-voltage operation
Saturation velocity[m/s] 10x10 2.7x10 High-speed switching operation
Thermal conductivity[W/㎠·K] 1.5 4.9 Apply high-temperature applications
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What is SiC Power Semiconductor?

SiC Power semiconductor Advantages is High Voltage And Compact SizeVery suitable semiconductors in the power semiconductor market trend Simultaneously Implementation vertical structure(Trench Gate)It is possible and, High Voltage/High Temperature There are characteristics Device Smaller and Package Optimal in the semiconductor light-weight.

Next-generation power semiconductor(SiC) Competitiveness

Existing Si Semiconductor contrast SiC Semiconductor strengths

  • X 3Wide energy band
  • 1/100Power loss
  • X 10Withstand voltage improving
  • X 10High-frequency operation

SiC Power semiconductor main application area

※ silicon(Si; silicon), Silicon carbide(SiC.; silicon carbide),Gallium nitride(GaN.; gallium nitride)