Title Electric car 'SiC power semiconductor' runs 10% more
powertechnix 2018-12-06 Hit 1513


The Institute of Electrical high-efficiency silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor technology development has been put in front of a full-scale mass production line of the company through the establishment commercialization. The technology is there to boost the efficiency of the electric vehicle by up to 10% expected to be born as a core electric parts manufacturing technology.
KERI, Korea Electric Research Institute (KERI) and Power Technics Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Doha) held a ceremony for the first commercialization of silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor in Korea in Pohang, Gyeongsang Province on 19th.
Power semiconductors are semiconductors that convert, process and control power. For an electric vehicle is an essential component in high-performance drive for connecting the battery and the electric motor.
Silicon (SiC) power semiconductors, which accounts for most of the conventional power semiconductor's reveals the limits, etc. Now, the operation temperature and the rate material properties are excellent SiC power semiconductor is spotlighted as a next generation power semiconductor.